Quantum Monte-Carlo

Research Group

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      Darya Aleinikava

PhD,CUNY, 2011, currently
postdoc at Argonne National Lab.

  CSI CUNY  darya.aleinikava@csi.cuny.edu

PhD, UMASS, 2008,
former postdoc at Harvard,
currently: Assistant Professor at
University of Oklakhoma

  Umass Amherst   bcapogro@cfa.harvard.edu
(413) 545-0561
      Kun Chen

Visiting research fellow from
University of Science and Technology
of China, Hefei

  CSI CUNY  chenkun@mail.ustc.edu.cn
      Youjin Deng

Visiting Professor
Worm Algorithms

  UMass Amherst  yjdeng@ustc.edu.cn
      Yauheni Dzedzits

Graduate student

  CSI CUNY  eugene.dedits@gmail.com
      Pavel Ivanushkin

Post-doctoral fellow

 Queens College
      Evgeniy Kozik

Defended Ph.D. in 2007,
former postdoc shared between UMass
Amherst and ETH, Zurich
currently: At Ecole Polytechnique
with Swiss NSF Fellowship

  Umass Amherst   evk@physics.umass.edu
(413) 545-0561
      Anatoly Kuklov   CSI CUNY   anatoly.kuklov@csi.cuny.edu
(718) 982-2887
      Lode Pollet

Former posdoc at Harvard, ETH Zurich,
currently: Assistant Professor
at LMU Munchen

  Umass Amherst   pollet@itp.phys.ethz.ch
      Nikolay Prokof'ev   Umass Amherst   prokofev@physics.umass.edu
(413) 545-0584
      Gunes Soyler

Defended PhD in 2009
and continues as
Post-doctoral fellow at ICTP
Trieste, Italy

  Umass Amherst  ssoyler@ictp.it
tel.: (413) 545-0561
      Boris Svistunov   Umass Amherst   svistunov@physics.umass.edu
(413) 545-4428
      Kris Van Houcke

Post-doctoral fellow

  Umass Amherst -
University of Ghent  
      Felix Werner

former Postdoc,
CNRS faculty position in
Ecole normale supérieure

  Umass Amherst   werner@lkb.ens.fr
      Karamatou Yacoubou Djima

Graduated from CSI in 2008.
Participated in undergraduate research.
Currently she is graduate student at
University of Maryland, College Park.

  CSI CUNY   karamatou@gmail.com
      Karen Balabanyan

Defended his Ph.D in 2006

  Umass Amherst  
      Evgeni Burovski

Defended his Ph.D in 2007,
a postdoc Universit'e Paris-Sud, France
Present: Assistant Professor
at Lancaster University

  Umass Amherst   evgeny.burovskiy@gmail.com
      Vitaliy Kaurov

Defended his Ph.D in 2006,
Technical Communications & Strategy
Group at Wolfram Research
Urbana-Champaign, IL

  CSI CUNY   vitaliyk@wolfram.com
Website, LinkedIn
Theory Group on Quantum Solids, Liquids and Gases at Umass