Quantum Monte-Carlo

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      Darya Aleinikava

PhD,CUNY, 2011,
Former postdoc at Artagone National Lab.
Assistant Prof., Benedictine University

  CSI CUNY  darya.aleinikava@csi.cuny.edu

PhD, UMASS, 2008,
former postdoc at Harvard,
Assistant Professor at
University of Oklakhoma;
Clark University, MA

  Umass Amherst   bcapogro@cfa.harvard.edu
(413) 545-0561
      Kun Chen

Visiting research fellow from
University of Science and Technology
of China, Hefei

  CSI CUNY  chenkun@mail.ustc.edu.cn
      Youjin Deng

Visiting Professor
Worm Algorithms

  UMass Amherst  yjdeng@ustc.edu.cn
      Yauheni Dzedzits

Ph.D. CUNY, 2012
System Administrator at CSI
Supercomputing Center

  CSI CUNY  eugene.dedits@gmail.com
      Pavel Ivanushkin

Post-doctoral fellow

 Queens College
      Evgeniy Kozik

Defended Ph.D. in 2007,
former postdoc shared between UMass
Amherst and ETH, Zurich
former postdoc At Ecole Polytechnique
with Swiss NSF Fellowship

Assistant Professor at King's College, London

  Umass Amherst   evk@physics.umass.edu
(413) 545-0561
      Anatoly Kuklov   CSI CUNY   anatoly.kuklov@csi.cuny.edu
(718) 982-2887
      Lode Pollet

Former posdoc at Harvard, ETH Zurich,
currently: Assistant Professor
at LMU Munchen

  Umass Amherst   pollet@itp.phys.ethz.ch
      Nikolay Prokof'ev   Umass Amherst   prokofev@physics.umass.edu
(413) 545-0584
      Gunes Soyler

Defended PhD in 2009
and continues as
former Post-doctoral fellow at ICTP
Trieste, Italy

Research Fellow University of Nottingham

  Umass Amherst  ssoyler@ictp.it
tel.: (413) 545-0561
      Boris Svistunov   Umass Amherst   svistunov@physics.umass.edu
(413) 545-4428
      Kris Van Houcke

former Post-doctoral fellow
ENS, Paris

  Umass Amherst -
University of Ghent  
      Felix Werner

former Postdoc,
CNRS faculty position in
Ecole normale supérieure

  Umass Amherst   werner@lkb.ens.fr
      Karamatou Yacoubou Djima

Graduated from CSI in 2008.
Participated in undergraduate research.
former graduate student at
University of Maryland, College Park.

currently visiting Assistant Professor at Swarthmore College

  CSI CUNY   karamatou@gmail.com
      Karen Balabanyan

Defended his Ph.D in 2006

  Umass Amherst  
      Evgeni Burovski

Defended his Ph.D in 2007,
a postdoc Universit'e Paris-Sud, France
Present: Assistant Professor
at Lancaster University

  Umass Amherst   evgeny.burovskiy@gmail.com
      Vitaliy Kaurov

Defended his Ph.D in 2006,
Technical Communications & Strategy
Group at Wolfram Research
Urbana-Champaign, IL

  CSI CUNY   vitaliyk@wolfram.com
Website, LinkedIn
Theory Group on Quantum Solids, Liquids and Gases at Umass